Park Info


The park’s main entrance is at 6300 Hetzler Rd. in Culver City off of Jefferson Blvd. The park is accessible via the 10 and 405 freeways.  Parking is available at the top of the hill near the visitor center. Parking is $6.00 and it is cash  or check only.


All facilities are accessible.

Park Activities

Free guided interpretive programs and public events are offered at the park by California State Parks staff  and volunteers.  Please check our events page for upcoming events.

Please Remember

Alcohol is not allowed

Dogs are not allowed

Special Event and Filming Permits

If you would like to perform commercial or student filming or photography at the park, you need to contact the State Park film permit coordinator at 818-880-0358.

We are accepting special event reservations for Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.    Please contact the special event coordinator at

Also visit and view your many California State Parks in the Angeles District and across the state.


1. What are the visitor center hours?

Wednesday and Thursday depending on park staff availability

Friday-Sunday 9am to 4pm

2. How can I volunteer?

    Please visit our website at and download a volunteer application available under the volunteer tab on the left.

    3. Where are the restrooms?

    Outside the East side door of the visitor center

    4. How many miles one way up the stairs?

    ½ a mile up and ½ a mile down

    5. How many steps are there total?

    282 steps of recycled concrete

    6. Is the pavilion available for rental?

    Yes, email

    7. Who are the people in the photographs at the visitor center?

    The community

    8. What is the longest trail I can hike?

    The trail that starts at the overlook and ends at Jefferson, this is the only developed trail at the moment.

    9. Are we still charging for parking?

    Yes, parking is $6.00 at the top of the hill

    10. Do we know who owns the house on the oil fields?

    Please visit their website for more information at:

    11. Why are there so many snails, why are the shells empty?

    The snails were here before the park opened, we are working on finding answers as to if they are native or non-native to California. This type of snail has also been found in Riverside and Palos Verdes. The shells are not empty, they wake up when it rains.

    12. Why is the name of the park Baldwin Hills if its zip code is in Culver City?

    Because this hill is part of “the Baldwin Hills”

    13. How long has the park been open?

    It opened to the public in April 2009

    14. How many state parks are there for the 2010 fiscal year?

    278 parks

    15. How many miles are the stairs?

    .16th of a mile =One way

    16. How many acres is Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Park?

    58 Acres

    17. How many acres is Kenneth Hahn?

    319 Acres


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